Monday, July 9, 2007

My Weekend...

Okay, remember how I said I'd have a full recap of the past days events before the weekend was over?

...I lied.

However, I will give you a barebones timeline of the events that transpired, so that you don't think that I have good reason for not having time to go into full detail.

8am: Wake up and prepare for the day.
10am: Get to Haas Class of 2009 Orientation.
3pm: Finish with orientation; go buy books from bookstore and take care of some other errands.
4pm: Get back to Unit 2 with a boatload of free merhandise, including a new backpack (one of the advantages of business school: they can afford nice gifts).
5pm: Take care of some business.
6pm: Meet up with students to go on my third trip to Target. Spend over $150, mostly on ink cartidges. I also got a replacement pair of sunglasses (I need to return the ones I bought last week) and the new J.R.R. Tolkein book, The Children of Húrin.
9:30pm: Get back Unit 2. Make waivers and other preparations for a Saturday trip to Lake Anza that I was helping put together (but got very little communication from the group leader). Also, help with a dance that was being put on at the time.

12:30am: Talk with residents and do some reading for Haas, as well as other miscellaneous items.
5am: Go to bed.
9am: Wake up and prepare for the day.
10am: Go down to office to get as much together as I could, and to meet up with the leader of the program.
10:50am: Go to leader's room and knock on her door, waking her up (she apparently slept through her alarm).
11am: Go to courtyard and wait for residents. Worry about the fact that it's totally gray and about 55 degrees.
11:15am: Become completely surprised at the fact that about 30 people show up despite the weather.
11:20am: Get residents to sign waivers, try to figure out how to get to the lake by bus.
11:35am: Walk down to distant bus stop.
12pm: Get on bus.
12:30pm: Get to lake; try to figure out where we're suppose to go without using cell phones to contact our group members who already alrived (no service).
12:45pm: Finally find our campsite. Begin barbecue.
2:30pm: Decide it's not worth staying. Tell people to get ready to leave.
3pm: 2/3rds of the people putting together the trip drive off, leaving myself and one other RA to guide everyone to some bus stop...somewhere.
3:30: Finally get to the bus stop. Wait for another half-hour. Hear people grumbling.
4pm: Bus finally comes.
5pm: Get back to Unit 2. I go eat dinner.
6pm: I walk into my room and hurl myself on the bed.
6:02pm: Fall asleep.
10:30pm: Wake up. Do reading for Haas.

2am: Do different assignment for Haas, as well as some miscellaneous items.
4am: While taking shower, realize that the top of my head is sunburned. Why didn't I wear my hat?
4:30am: Go to bed.
11am: Wake up. Prepare for the day.
11:45am: Go out to prepare for SF MoMA trip.
12:15pm: Meet and gather residents together.
12:30pm: Take bus to BART station.
1pm: Take BART to San Fransisco. Try to get some more Haas reading done on the way.
2pm: Arrive at SF MoMA. Begin trip.
3:30pm: After walking through rooms titled "Standing Nudes", "Reclining Nudes", "Sitting and Crouching Nudes", and "Male Nudes", a co-worker and I come to the conclusion that featured artist Henri Matisse was a pervert.
4pm: Experience what is, without doubt, the single best piece of modern art I have ever seen or even heard of. It's called "You and I, Horizontal" by Anthony McCall. It's basically a pitch-black room with a haze machine inside. A bright light then shines a shifting-but-ultimately circular design onto an opposite wall, illuminating the particles between the two areas. It's especially cool if you're on the inside of the circle, because it is totally like a vortex, with the mist moving and swirling about. It is definitely going into my future billion-dollar house as a sort of meditation chamber. Here's a picture that doesn't really do it justice.4:30pm: Walk around nearby San Fransisco with co-worker. We happen upon the Baseball All-Star Game Fan...thing. Free Taco Bell and Ice Cream Drumsticks! Although they ran out of Taco Bell right before we got to the truck, we did happen to be the first people (of, like, 100) in the Drumstick line. I didn't even need one, though, because some random chick offered hers to me...wait, that doesn't sound right.
5:30pm: Meet with rest of group. Walk back to BART station.
7:15pm: Get back to Unit 2. Continue doing work for Haas, and some other stuff.
Now: A Haas assignment that I've put off until now (it's not due till Wednesday, but still).

So, that's my weekend (a true RA weekend). I was hardly even near a computer for most of it, so don't sue me for not keeping true to my word. G'night.


Anonymous said...

Ah, four hours of sleep is no good for me. I would've ended up passing out and ended up in the ER (happened before, don't want to get into it.)

In any case, sounds pretty crazy. I've just been sitting back, increasing my CD collection. I think I now have as many Neil Young Cds as I have U2 Cds.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

Whew!!1 I'm exhausted just reading about it!