Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Twenty Short Notes on My First Haas Day

1. It was fairly painless.

2. Contrary to popular opinion, not all business professors are pompous douchebags. In fact, the two professors I have seem to be genuinely nice people, and one of them is more concerned about social justice than anything else.

3. It's actually not an eight-hour marathon day. It turns out that I misinterpreted this page, thinking that there were two discussion sections. In reality, there's only one. That means that I have an hour and fifteen minute break between my section and my first lecture. Then I have a one hour dinner break at six. So, really, it's only a 6.25 hour marathon.

4. Speaking of that dinner break at six, none of the on-campus restaurants are open, so I can't use my spare meal points. In order to avoid going to the abysmal Top Dog, I went down the Chipotle on Telegraph.

5. Chipotle's burritos are pretty darn good.

6. Apparently, Chipotle has a new thing where you can order your burrito online and pick it up at the store, so as not to wait in line. Seeing as I was waiting in line for no more than 3 minutes, I can't really see this catching on.

7. Oh, right...I was supposed to be talking about my classes, wasn't I?

8. My discussion section was canceled. I was anticipating this, as it was the first day. But I went anyway, at least until 10 minutes past the starting time. Then went on some errands, including looking for a new pair of sunglasses (I just bought some on my trip to Target, but have since realized that I don't like blue lenses).

9. I was in my full Indiana Jones outfit, with jacket and hat. I think it worked pretty well.

10. I wasn't the least "business-looking" person there, though I was the only one with a goatee like mine.

11. My first class is one on the "Ethical, Social, and Political Aspects of Business". Our professor made sure to point out the irony of it being held in the Arthur Anderson Auditorium.

12. They explained that there was a very good reason to have the ethics class taught before everything else. Don't worry, I'm not going to turn into a soulless monster.

13. The professor of that class seems really easy going; I think he may have said more things jokingly than he did seriously.

14. That same professor also mentioned that in his 17 years of teaching the class, no one has ever failed. That basically means it's an easy A.

15. In that class, we have to write a research paper on some topic that both interests us and is relevant to the class. One of the ideas he mentioned was the overseeing of video games (ratings, distribution, etc.); question being, who should be responsible for them. I think I'm going to do that as my topic, as I know a bit about it, and know some great resources to interview.

16. My other class is about "Business Communication". Because apparently, most students can't communicate worth a damn...which I'll actually agree with. It seems like its going to be pretty fun, though. And I think my acting background will help with that.

17. According to my professor for that class, most people think that the number of languages you speak is directly correlated to your IQ. You know what I say to that? Bull! My language capacity is a little sub-par, but I'm quite happy with my IQ, thankyouverymuch.

18. I think the funniest mnemonic device I head all day was the following:
Q. What radio station do all businesspeople listen to all the time?
A. WIII-FM: "What is in it for me?"

19. I think things are going to turn out aaaaaaall right.

20. Fine, I don't actually have 20 notes. 19 was about it, but that doesn't sound good in a title. You happy now?!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your first day at Haas was fine. 4th of July at Wilson Park won't be the same without you though.

With that said, I'm still speachless that you would use the word douchebag...How 'prolelish', if I take a word from 1984.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

If you learned more languages your IQ would shoot through the roof.

Video games as a topic? I've tried, but my teacher really really really hated(and probably still does) video games, so I ended up dropping.

Oh, as for comic con, I'll be sending an e-mail about that soon, but in case I forget to send it to you (I'm really busy and my comic con registration hit a snag), I'd like to get some final details, like plane arrival times, flight numbers, and other such details.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your first day was a good one and that you weren't buried in assignments. Also that you actually get some "break time" in between.

Well, off to Memphis on the Redeye tonight and back on Sunday. I hear it is about 120 with humidity so I am looking forward to that. I'll say "hay" to Elvis for you!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm..chipotle, i haven't had chipotle in forever.

yes, details about comic con would be nice, but i guess i'll be getting them through squall, ne?