Thursday, June 14, 2007

Options, Options...

The local EB Games had a 25%-50% sale for some of their computer games. I was able to make a steal and get a game that they mis-marked as 50% off (when it was supposed to only 25% off). It's a real-time strategy game (essentially, one where you control an army) where you're a medieval king (my kinda premise).

I also have other games for my Nintendo DS and Wii, including classic games that I've never played.

I have over a dozen potential books to read, from novels to trivia books and everything in between.

I am still involved in an Alternate Reality Game, though they have yet to put count my pictures yet for the scavenger hunt (mainly due to technical difficulties). There are currently a few puzzles to solve.

I have board games that can be played alone or in groups. Those I don't have, I could easily borrow from the main office.

I have a pack of cards.

And I could always be doing something creative, like writing or drawing. did I spend the night?

By watching Bob Ross paint a southwest desert scene.

And you know what? It was simultaneously soothing and awesome!


Anonymous said...

I don't know Bob Ross, but I love those shows! Amazing to hear you speak of TV's. I guess you've gone plebian for the summer.
By the way, do you read your responses????

Andrew Schnorr said...

No, I never read people's comments.




Anonymous said...

So obsessed with public opinion...

Bob ross has a calming effect on me, I like his work and style. Too bad he croaked.