Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Flood of Oddities...

I had a strange and relatively epic dream last night. I normally don't write down my dreams, but as I awoke, I knew for a fact that I would forget it, so I quickly wrote down as many snippets as I could. I still don't remember that much about it, but I'm going to piece it together for you as best I can.

-First of all, it takes place in either the 1920s or 1930s. I know because everything had an old-timey feel to it. The cars, the people, the music. It was all from around that time period. However, I was not from that time; I must have time-traveled there (you'll see how I arrived at that conclusion in a moment).

-The dream spanned a wide variety of areas. I was in a large metropolitan city, then a rather wealthy suburban-like area, then a more rural suburban area, then a large bunch of fields.

-At some point in my dream, I was told that "All things occur in pairs." And so it was. Most things happened twice, or there were two of some particular item.

-I, along with all the people I was with, was trying to solve some big mystery. I know of several of the smaller mysteries, but the underlying one still eludes me.

-It flooded. A lot. These were very short but potent floods. Like, the water level would raise about 10 to 20 feet in a matter of minutes, but then recede as quickly. What's more, an old man I was with near the end of the dream told me that the water was toxic (more on this later).

-At the beginning of the dream, I with a group of well dressed African American folk. For some reason, I have my Nintendo DS with me (that's how I knew I was still from the future [the present?]). A random man walks by and tells me, "Wow, that's the most amazing device I've ever seen! I'll pay you eight and a half million dollars for it!" I personally thought it was a great offer, seeing as it was in 1920s dollars. The other part of me, though, was worried that giving him the DS would upset the course of history. One of the guys with me said, "We don't need to do that. I have $50 million in the bank." So that settled that.

-During one of the scenes in the metropolitan city, I was with Carlos (my old suite mate/co-worker/friend), and we had to make a gettaway in an old-timey car (with someone in the backseat whose face is a blur). We had to drive through these long, narrow alleys. The problem was that the alleys kept getting narrower at every turn (impossible turns, by the way, thanks to right angles). Not only was the car able to make these turns, it was always able to fit, as it kept getting narrower and narrower. In fact, the car got so narrow that I had to hop out and run backwards in front of the car. (By the way, I forget who we're running from.)

-I went into a bar (in one of the more rural areas), but I didn't drink anything. While I was there, it flooded. I don't remember much else about that particular encounter.

-In one of the rich suburban areas, I went to a fancy house with a small maze etched into the stone ground in front of their gate. I saw a mouse run along the maze, passing by four screws along the path (screwed into the ground). I followed the path as well (though I'm not sure I needed to) and unscrewed the screws a little. Doing so opened the gate to the house. However, I didn't go in; I just left.

-I then went to a large department store which sold, to the best of my memory, nothing but greeting cards and cloth. I was there because it was my job to pick a name (a middle name, I think) to either my newborn nephew or my newborn brother. The reason I was at the store was that the cloth was embroidered with names, and the cards were personalized. ("To you, young Julius, I give my heart and pride..." etc.) Basically, the item I bought determined what the name of the newborn would be. I ended up not buying anything, primarily because it flooded in there, and I had to leave.

-I then went into another bar (remember the "pairs" thing?). This time, I remember that the barkeep was really spiteful toward me for some reason. Were it not for the old man with me, I probably would have been kicked out. The old man was making small talk with the barkeep when I noticed the water level starting to rise. It was at that point that the old man had told me that the water was toxic. I knew I had to get out of it, so I swam out of the bar to a house across the way. I hopped onto one of the wooden columns and climbed up until I got to the roof. When I did, the house collapsed and the roof was floating on the water until it receded.

-I then walked back over to where the bar was. It was gone. In its place was an open field, separated from me by a chain-link fence. In that field, however, there are corpses, piles of them. I was horrified. Then someone came up to me and said that at least that flood was artificially created by the governement, and that all of those corpses were transients, killed by the toxicity of the water. I knew, however, that my friend the old man had also been killed by the waters.

-I then went to another house with a small maze etched into the ground (pairs, remember). This time, I saw both a mouse and a dog walking along the paths. The screws were all in the same place, but there were also apple cores by them. As I got to the first screw and tried unscrewing it, a young woman asked me what I was doing. I quickly panicked and tried screwing the screw back in. I then stood up and saw that an old woman was looking at me. She, too, asked what I was doing. I told her the truth, that I was trying to open the gate. She told me that I should have just rang the doorbell.

-At that moment, I woke up.

Now, the thing is, that was only half my dream. I know there was more. Like, I know there was a scene inside a large wooden house, but I have no clue what happened in there. I know it's there, but my memory is like looking through distorting glass.

Still, it was pretty crazy, and pretty epic. I personally hope that I'll be able to finish it. I really want to find out why the government would unleash the floods, along with the other puzzles.

Anyone want to take a shot at interpretation?


Anonymous said...

You need to get this one interpreted. So much symbolism. Floods for sure...but water can be purifying. Maybe it's an "out with the old, in with the new" purging.

Anonymous said...

I'll interpret try interpretting it later. I'm feeling particularly lazy at the moment. the only thing I feel like mentioning right off hand is that death isn't a bad thing. It signifies an end of something and the beginning of something else; change, if i remember properly. Haha, I should know, people die a lot in my dreams. ^_^;;

Anonymous said...

My friend, you are coming to the realization that the government [i]is[/i] after all of us. I'm not too good at interpreting, but I had some pretty wierd ones too. I'll never forget when I dreamt that me and Anna Bosque were mafiosos and she destroyed my mob car. I also one time dreamt I was the President and someone tried to assasinate me while I was visitng a futuristic Blade Runer like Las Vegas, but I was rescued by the secret service in a jalopy. I also had a dream in which Angel Diaz and myself went back to the 1920s in Chicago, but we had to take refuge in a cathedral because a riot broke out...

Back to your dream, though...It's kind of weird and very detailed. The past seems fairly obvious - your love for the past manifested itself by having the dream in the past (although, if it was truly to your likeing, it would've been the 1890s, not the 1920s), yet you were distinctly from the future/present because that is where you know you belong. As for finding the middle name for your new sibling, looking at previous posts on your blog, maybe it has something with wanting to be involved with your new family member. As for the toxic water and corpses, hmmm...Have you seen anything on Hurricane Katrina recently?

-Comrade Chavez