Monday, June 18, 2007


I held the front door open for a girl today. Then when I was on the elevator with her, I thought she was flirting with me.

...Maybe I'm just confusing gratitude with flirtations. >_>

........And that is totally going to be the base of another skit. >_<


Anonymous said...

Aw you're growing up, Andrew-kun, you're starting to notice girls and apparently girls are just starting to notice you. However, you seem entirely perplexed by the matter.

Given your "situation" with what's her name, I think you're being paranoid and probably just assuming that's she was flirting, and so what if she was? You're intelligent and not too bad looking. It's okay to flirt back a little, it won't be the downfall of your existance. Even if you're not entirely interested, or even if you're only minorly interested, it's okay to flirt a little.

How do I explain this...? Okay..there are two types of flirting. The serious kind and the not so serious kind. For the unexperienced it may be different to tell, but typically, serious flirting may make one uncomfortable. The not serious kind (the most common) is just for fun and nothing serious is meant by it. It is almost never taken seriously. For you see, flirting is practically nothing over here in the states. In places, like Europe, flirting is taken very seriously. I was warned not to make eye contact.

so as long as you don't flirt too much or anything like that, you'll be okay. But with whatsername, don't flirt. 'Kay? She probably does have a crush, you might want to talk to her about it, and if it turns out she does like, you let her know you're not interested, or if you are, let her know that too. If she turns out not to like you, laugh it off. Those are the best recoveries.

And for the record, your "situation" with whatsername isn't that uncommon, actually. Nor should it be that emotionally straining. I'll tell you some horror stories at ComicCon to show you what real drama is like, not to discredit what you're going through or anything, just to put it in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Horror stories? you're just too patient with some people.

Oh, and I hold the door for people quite often. But most of the good looking girls never bat an eye at me. Alas, I'm stuck with what I got...

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue, Squall. I'm sorry if I'm not eager to rush into anything that may be long lasting and horrifically damage all parties involved. Others may claim otherwise but that is not the point.

They don't look at you because you're uncharismatic. And what do you mean "stuck with what you've got?" Would you rather not have me?

Andrew, anything he does, you shouldn't do. It will drastically affect a relationship.