Friday, June 8, 2007

Mini-Blogs, Set Five

Picture This!
A few days ago, one of my residents took a picture of me when I was in the dining common. I didn't think much of it (even though I did, as always, pose). However, just yesterday, he printed out a copy and gave it to me. How nice! And I really like how the picture turned out. Take a look:

There are a couple things I noticed about this:
1. This is my first picture in my new jacket! You may have remembered me talking about this when I was showing off my new hat. In any event, it's a nice leather jacket that cost me a sum total of $20 (including shipping). Great price, and I think it looks pretty good on me.
2. It may be the color quality, or the jacket I'm wearing, but something about this picture makes it look like its being taken in 1988.
3. I look like a total glutton with that boatload of food. However, consider the fact that I hadn't eaten that day (I've only been eating one full meal a day recently), and consider the fact that with the exception of that (nasty) meatball sandwich, it's all fruit, egg whites, and a corn cob (without butter). It's pretty healthy, but none of you know that.

Speaking of Meatballs...
Have you ever realized how unappetizing meatballs sound when you describe what they are (in other words, reverse word order).
Kris: "Hey, THE_BOLSHEVIK, what are you having for dinner?"
THE_BOLSHEVIK: "I think I'm going to have some balls of meat."
Kris: "What?"
THE_BOLSHEVIK: "Yeah, I'm going to take some meat and roll it up into balls before I eat it."
Kris: "You disgust me."

Rainy Day Music
There are some albums I call "Rainy Day Albums". These are albums that you listen to when you're alone in a house and can't really go anywhere, usually because of rain. So, all you do is sit back in a chair and listen to the music with the background noise of the falling rain. Maybe you read a book, or maybe you watch the shower falling. It's up to you. I find most of these albums are light and soft, most often acoustic.

When I was in Africa, my rainy day album was Ben Harper's Welcome to the Cruel World. Kind of a downbeat title, but it was also pretty appropriate at the time. You see, it was actually a bright, sunshiney day that day. That's actually the reason I was stuck inside; I had become severly dehydrated, almost to the point of fainting. So, I had to stay inside and regain my strength. At the time, I didn't care for the experience, and so being welcomed to the "cruel world" seemed to speak to me. Ironically, the only reason I began listening was because it was the only CD in the player. But still, being stuck inside a grass house, sucking down some nasty re-hydration medicine and being unable to move, listening to the album (in particular the song "Waiting on an Angel" really put things in perspective.

Now, I think I've found my new rainy day album. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the band Vertical Horizon (you may have heard their songs "Everything You Want" or "You're a God"), but I think they're a very good band; easy to listen to, no negative lyrics - the kind of band you're not afraid of Gramma catching you listening to. Anyhoo, I've had all their albums for a while, but I hadn't really given them much of a listen until I heard more of their stuff on Pandora radio (which I've talked about before). So, I listened to this one album, called There and Back Again.

And let me just say: it's almost the perfect rainy day album. It's all accoustic (different from their other albums), and it's really easy going. What's more, the two members of the band (it was made way back in 1992, when there were only two members) do everything themselves, including all the singing. There's a really nice dichotomy between their two voices and singing styles. I won't put up the whole album (that would be illegal), but here are a couple songs showing the two different singers. The first is called "On the Sea" and the second is called "Liberty". But really, the whole album is excellent; I highly recommend it with both thumbs!

Okay, a Few More Pictures
A while back, my St. Anthony Class of 2005 video was put on the Internet. Being the egotistical bastard I am, I captured all the pictures of me that had me in them. Here they are (all eight of them; lousy yearbook staff). The funny thing is that most of the pictures were taken on a single day. However, I'm sure the people who don't know that figure I just always wear a suit and tie.

This is the perfect of an end-of-year yearbook/movie picture: "Most of you didn't hang out together, but you do know each other, right? Okay, good, you can all take a picture together!"

You know something? I have a pretty well-defined hairline. You're never going to not know where my forehead ends and hair begins. (By the way, I think I'm channeling the smile of a car salesman here.)

Ah, poor little Yomar. Whenever I could wrap my hand/arm around his neck, I did.

I...I think this was for the "Senior Cars" section of the yearbook. *Sigh* I miss my truck...

Now, I'm not one to boast, but DAMN! do I look sexy.

For some reason, I can't help but think that my relationship with Christine Hosana is perfectly summed up in this picture.

...Oh, by the way: what she said in the video about us? Not true.



Ah, there's nothing like standing by the Fink and a girl bending over to the Fink's height to make you feel like a giant.

No, I wasn't asleep. As are most of my pictures, this was posed (and was taken during Calculus class [look at little Michelle Elma in the background!]).

And that's all for now. Join me tomorrow, when you'll receive a boatload of videos!


Chris Smyr said...

That's one big plate of food you have there, sir. I lol-ed upon seeing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I am not the only one to make the balls of meat connection...Hey, I'm glad to see I'm in one of the pics!

As for the pic, maybe it's the outdated look of the cafeteria, and the leather jacket and the brightness. It's actually quite a good picture, minus the food.

As for the albums...I would say my rainy day album would be "Love" by the Cult from 1985.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

That gives me an idea, I'm thinking I'll put up the 06 video too.

Oh and I'm also a vertical horizon fan, I have the album with everything you want on it.