Monday, June 18, 2007

I Should Be on "Dawson's Creek"...or Something...

I think one of my coworkers has a crush on me.

And no, I'm neither lying nor hallucinating.

It all started...last Tuesday, I think. We were going to the various floors to try to get residents to come to the Tuesday Night Social. So, I start by going up to my seventh floor, where I saw this coworker (let's call he Xantcha) talking to one of my residents, telling him to come to the social.

Me: "Hey, Xantcha."
Xantcha: "Hey Andrew."
Me: "You're telling people about the social?"
Xantcha: "Yeah."
Me: (Joking) "Heh, you're putting me out of a job."
Xantcha: (Not realizing I was joking) "Oh my God, I'm sorry. Did you want to talk to them instead."
Me: "No, it's fine; I just thought it was funny that you were up here doing it."
Xantcha: "Well, I just figured since I don't have any residents left, that I should be doing something. I didn't want to intrude on you or anything."
Me: "No, seriously, it's fine."
Xantcha: "Oh, okay....Andrew, can I ask you a question?"
Me: "Only if you're willing to get an answer in return."
Xantcha: "Am I a bad RA?"
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Xantcha: "I don't know, I just feel like I don't do enough, and the RD's probably don't like me, and I'm just a bad RA."
Me: (Counselor persona) "Hey, listen to are not a bad RA."
Xantcha: "You think so?"
Me: "Would a bad RA be up here?"
Xantcha: "It's just, I don't have any residents, so what do I do?"
Me: "Look, it's better to be an RA with no residents who actually does stuff than one with residents who ignores them all."
Xantcha: "Yeah, I really didn't mean to intrude on your floors."
Me: "No, really, I don't care about that. I was joking. But seriously..." (As she's getting onto the elevator) "You're a great person, and you're going to be a great RA."
Xantcha: "...Thanks, Andrew, that means a lot to me."

And that was that. Me being a counselor-type figure to someone who needed some encouragement. I didn't give a second thought to it.

Then, at the social, I was behind one of the tables, watching people take food (technically, I was serving, but I figured people were smart enough to take fruit out of a fruit platter). All of a sudden, I feel a little "hip bump." Not a major one, mind you, but just the little brushing of someone else's hip against the side of my own. My eyebrow raised a little as I turned my head and saw Xantcha there.

Xantcha: "Hey!"
Me: "Hey."
Xantcha: "Whatcha doing?"
Me: "Doing what I do best; watching food disappear."
Xantcha: "Heh. Hey, listen." (She leans to my ear and whispers.) "I really want to thank you for what you said earlier."
Me: "Aw, don't sweat it." (I begin to feel sweat form on my brow.)
Xantcha: "No, but really, it meant a lot to me."
Me: (Using my summer catchphrase) "It's what I do."
Xantcha: "Kay. I'll catch you later."

So, that was a little closer than I was used to, but at least it was over for that night.

...Or was it?

Me: "Huh, someone's knocking at my door. I should go open it to find out who's there....Oh, Xantcha, hi."
Xantcha: "Hey, Andrew. Hey, um...did you tell Y'rhhf (a fake name for our boss that I just made up) about what I told you?"
Me: "No. Why?"
Xantcha: "Oh, because she was just telling me that I was doing a good job and that I didn't have to worry about it. And I was thinking to myself, 'No, Andrew wouldn't tell her.'"
Me: "No, I wouldn't. That woman took my fridge from me (more on this tomorrow), so I'm not really keen on letting her in on everything."
Xantcha: "Oh, good. Well, that's why I was up here."
Me: "Mm-kay."
Xantcha: "Other than talking to you, of course."
Me: "Ah."
Xantcha: "I'm not bothering you, am I? I'm not interrupting anything?"
Me: "No, not at all. You can come in if you want."
Xantcha: "No, I have some things to do."
Me: "Oh, okay."
Xantcha: "But Andrew..."
Me: "Yeah?"
Xantcha: "I really want to thank you. What you said meant so much to me."
Me: "Seriously, no problem."
Xantcha: "Goodnight!"
Me: "Goodnight."

And since then, she's been a bit friendlier to me (like, friendlier). Oh, and she likes when I use classy words (she says it sounds very "Shakespearean"). I was beginning to get a little suspicious, so I check on Facebook for information.

Networks........Berkeley '10
Interested In...........Men
Relationship Status........................Single


Here's the conundrum: unless I'm completely misreading all her signals (still a valid option), she totally has a thing for me. However, I honestly don't have any real romantic interest in her; nothing more than a friendship. So, how far could anything possibly go? At the same time, one could argue that I'm no spring chicken, and should just take what I can get, and jump on this iron while it's still hot (painful as that metaphor may sound). After all, what was it I was just mentioning about this sort of thing?

...Blah, there should be a universal law that says all attraction should be mutual. Then we wouldn't be in these messes. Or, at least, I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

unless you expect us to take your "april fool's" joke seriously. Pursuing a potential future relationship may be beneficial to you. As in the business world, relationships tend to be easier when you have more experience under your belt. Certain things you shouldn't experience, but others, like fights, are definitely good to learn about. Also, you may find that someone you're not particularly attracted to at first may become the love of your life in a couple of years.

Oh, and unless you're positive that the person you speak of, or your boss, doesn't read your blog, I suggest refraining from putting much in the way of details, such as conversations and your analyses of them here. It may come back to haunt you later on. Just a word of advice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with squall. Some things are better left unpublished for the sake of what may (or may not) happen in the future. Leave your potential options open, you may see things differently sometime in the future


Andrew Schnorr said...

Dad, how come you're not using your account?

Anonymous said...

You know us senile old men, we can't remember anything!

D (dad)

Anonymous said...

Hello mr. Schnorr. I've forgotten your first name. It was fun unloading that truck of quinoa with you and Andrew, would love to do it again sometime.

Oh, and by the way. Where do you get names like xantcha from?

Andrew Schnorr said...

I think the only person who would recognize it is my dad.