Friday, April 13, 2007

The Last 60 Posts: A Retrospective

For all those who haven't been here since this blog's inception, or have since forgotten, The Lobotomist's Dream began as a requirement for a class at Berkeley. Of course, I have plans to go beyond that, but in case you ever hear me mention something about "the blog DeCal", that's what I'm talking about.

That said, yesterday, I hit somewhat of a milestone, at least insofar as the class goes. Yesterday was my 60th post. In this class, the major requirement for the semester is to complete 60 posts in your blog, 15 of which had to be over 500 words. This was calculated as having an average of 4 posts a week, with one 500-worder per week. In truth, this was actually a step down from what was written on the original syllabus, which said that we needed 5 a week (for a grand total of 75 posts), but it still seems like a good amount.

If I'm not mistaken (and I'm not), I'm the first person in the class to reach 60 posts, and I've actually done so prematurely (mainly because I write an average of 5 times a week). So, if I wanted to, I could simply log off of my Blogger account, never touching this page again, and still have my obligation fulfilled.

...But I'm not like that. I'm going to continue this blog past it's required limit, just as I'm going to continue past the demise of the class itself. The DeCal was just a catalyst, something to get me started, but now that I've begun, hoo boy!

In honor of this little (big?) moment, I've decided to do some self research and present some statistics about The Lobotomist's Dream. (Keep in mind that these don't include this post; that would make things needlessly complicated.)

Total Number of Posts: 60
Total Word Count: 50,073 (Keep in mind, this is pure article content only, not included titles, comments, or any of that "Posted by such-and-such" nonsense.)
Average Word Count/Post: 834.55 (Well, that kinda blows the whole "1-a-week-should-be-over-500" out of the water, doncha think?)
Total Number of Pages if Pasted on Word: 141
Day Started: Monday, January 22, 2007
Number of Days Blog has Been in Existance: 82
Average Number of Days/Post: 1.367
Average Word Count/Day: 610.65
Number of Times the Term "Sweaty Fat Man" was Used: 14
Approximate Number of Daily Viewers: 100 - 120
Approximate Number of Daily Commenters: 1-3
Total Number of Comments: 114
Average Number of Comments/Post: 1.9
Most Comments on One Post: 9
Earnings from Google AdSense: $85 $0 (Damn AdSense!)

5 Most-Used Tags (With a Tie for 5th Place):
5. Things I Love (8) - Ironically, I started out with quite a few more "Things I Hate" posts, and so I made the first "Things I Love" post to counteract that. It seems as though the tables have love's favor. (And ladies, I'm single!)
5. Conversations (8) - This was actually added retroactively to some posts when I realized that I use a lot of conversations in my posts. I would go so far as to say it's one of my blog's defining features. So it's in the top five.
4. Ranting (10) - This one actually surprised me a bit. I didn't realize I rant so much. I guess I am just a crotchety old man.
3. Fun (11) - I like to consider myself pretty fun, so that's why this is up here. I hope this doesn't mean, though, that the rest of my posts aren't fun.
2. Life at Cal (15) - Not surprising, seeing as I, after all, do go to Cal.
1. Reflections (19) - Okay, this is one is probably higher than it should be. That's because it's my end-all-be-all category that I attached to a lot of stuff where I thought back on something.

Tags I Only Used Once:
1890s, Blood, Comedy, Family, Fashion, Food, History, Influences, Intelligence, Introduction, Language, LaRouche, Love and Such, Mysteries, Nintendo, Perception, Quotes, Religion, School, Sports, Stars, Weather, Wii

Tags I Only Used Once But Plan to Use Again:
1890s, Family, Influences, Intelligence, Language, Nintendo, Quotes, Religion

Joy I Get From Doing This: Priceless.

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Andrew Schnorr.

...Wait, that just sounds dirty.


ASHLEY said...

yeah, whatever. showoff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, not bad, not only did you exceed project requirements, you actually intend to keep this most worthy blog (it's the only blog I regularly read, other than CNN's Political Ticker.)

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

Schnorr, everywhere you want to be and nowhere you're not.

Congratulations on many happy blog posts.

Unknown said...

60th blog! and i didn't comment on it :(

i found a mistake!

" (Keep in mind that these don't include this post; that would make things needlessly complicated.)

Total Number of Posts: 60"

thats impossible! if you're not counting this blog then the total number of posts has been 59. you should've done this blog for the 61st.

i'm one of the three daily commentors! :)

wait, you forgot the most important part. you announced you were GAY! on April 1st; on this blog. that's gotta mean something to you. now if you excuse me i'm going to comment one more time on "This Won't Make a Lick of Sense if You Don't go to Cal..." just to throw things off.

Andrew Schnorr said...

I did do this as my 61st post. Hence, my calculations are correct.

Unknown said...

I thought you said this WAS your 60th?

Andrew Schnorr said...

Read closer. There's multiple instances of the word "yesterday."