Friday, May 11, 2007

Supply & Demands & Nephew &...What?

I got back from my Econ final at about 8:30pm tonight. I think I did fine on the test; it wasn't as difficult as it was intensive. 1/3 of the test (which equated to about 15% of our final grade) was a single essay, and it was meaty. Here, take a look. Yeah, that by itself took 4 very dense pages. And for someone who likes writing so much, my hands aren't cut out for it; my fingers sounded like a cement mixer by the end of it all.

But that's over and done with. All that's left is a 45-question multiple-choice test for my IDS 110 class (the one I made the website for). Much easier on my poor widdle hand.

Well, goodnight.

...Wait, no! I kind of got off on a tangent there. Like I was saying, I got back from my Econ final at about 8:30pm tonight. Not but a few minutes after I had put down my backpack and taken off my pants (don't worry, I replaced them with shorts), I got a phone call from my mom. Apparently, my sister's water broke and she's now in the hospital. So, quite possibly before you read this, I'll be an uncle. And no, I mean it this time! I may not have a ding-dong-damn idea about anything relating to childbirth, but unless my family is pulling a very late April Fool's Day joke on me, I think its for real.

I don't know when it will happen, though. See, my Dad called me a little later.
Dad: "So the dilation is going slowly."
Me: "Uh-huh." (I understand that much, at least.)
Dad: "In the last couple hours, it's only increased from 2cm to 3cm."
Me: "Yeah, those numbers are meaningless to me."
Dad: "The point is, it may be awhile."
Me: "Gotcha."

Still, I can say with some certainty that my...nephew's...birthday will be May 12th.

Nephew. That still sounds weird. I still have a hard time thinking of myself as an uncle. I can see myself as many things. Hero, madman, philanthropist, villain, lover, but uncle? That's an odd one.

And I honestly wonder what kind of uncle I'll be (looking 12, 15 years down the line, that is).

-Will I be the football-toting uncle, the one that says to my nephew "Hey, there, Sport, wanna play a little pickle?" The kind that the kid loves to be with when they're younger, but soon realizes that they're a drunkard trying to work off their probation.

-Will I be the rich uncle, the one that gives him the dune buggy on his 14th birthday, while everyone else gives him a pair of slacks that "looks sharp"? The kind the kid loves, but everyone else hates.

-Will I be the bad-influence uncle, the kind that his parents say, "If you're Uncle Andrew ever calls, don't say anything; just hang up"?

-Will I be considered a racially-demeaning stereotype?

-Will I be the really sketchy uncle that you never see, but only hear about, and the times you do hear about him, he's either involved on the wrong end of some financial scam or is claiming to disown his family? (Oh, they do me.)

-Will I be the lovable uncle that everyone likes to poke fun at?

-Will I be the cool uncle? The one that the kid wants to spend a weekend a month or so with? The one that will take him to movies and museums? The one that will play video games with him (or whatever games they play in the future)?

Who knows?


...Who knows?

I guess we'll see when the time comes. For now, we'll just worry about getting that kid out of my sister. More info (and maybe pictures) when it comes. Toodles.


Anonymous said...

Well, although I'm an uncle twice over, I unfortunately do not get to see my neice or nephew. They live in Northern Nevada, and its rare that I get to see them. In any case, you should be the crazy type who lives in the mountains and that everybody's afraid of. Oh wait, nevermind.

As for your econ paper, I'mm intrigued. It's obvious that I favor an interventionist, more neo-Keynesian approach (although I do believe short term monetary policy can be more efficient than fiscal policy.) Regardless, I'm going to be reading over the situation and may be weigh in a bit.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

I'm a half uncle. My niece is currently in the middle of my sister's divorce from her husband, as such I haven't got a reason to expect to see her any time soon.

You'll be the uncle that the parents call when the kid is hyper at 2 in the morning. You'll come in, and make up bedtime stories on the spot, or go on about the details of your various anthologies (fate and whatever) which may just take the hyper right out of the lil whippersnapper.