Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some Pictures and Quick Thoughts to Kill Time...

What happens when you have way too many meal points at semester's end? This:
Seriously, I was in the Golden Bear Café this past Sunday (after the graduation ceremony of one of my best friends at Cal...*sniff*...), looked down and saw a box of Nerds. "Ooh!" I exclaimed as I picked up the entire box and carried it to the register.


The world looks mighty good to me, 'cause Tootsie Rolls are all I see!
My Boss: "Does anyone any candy out of this big bag?"
Me: "We're not saving it for a later program?"
My Boss: "No, I think we should probably just get a new bag for something like that."
Me: "I'll take a look and see if there's anything I like...ooh, there's a Tootsie Roll!"
Coworker: "Andrew, are you just fishing out all the Tootsie Rolls?"
Me: "'Fishing' is such an ugly word. Let's just say I'm 'extracting' the delicious candies from this bag."
Me: "Okay, here you go."
Coworker: "Are there any Tootsie Rolls left in here?"
Me: "I doubt it."
Coworker: "Can I have a Tootsie Roll?"
Me: "......Yes."


You can always tell the mark of a true watch-wearer.
Okay, I'll admit that it was particularly pronounced then, as I had just spent two hours standing outside in the sun for a carnival (and don't worry, it eased into a lovely bronze; I don't burn easily.)


Elise (An RA at another unit): "Hey, Andrew! What are you doing at Unit 1?"
Me: "Just passing through. It's a shortcut to CKC."
Elise: "Well, while you're here, do you want to do some tie-dying?"
Me: "No, thanks. I don't support hippie activities."
Elise: "Hippie? Tie-dying isn't exclusive to hippies."
Me: "Yeah, tell that to everyone on Telegraph Avenue."
Elise: "Well, it's in blue and gold; school colors! Plus, we're taking donations to help out homeless mothers. It's a good cause. Please, Andrew?" *Puppy-dog eyes.*
Me: "...Alright." *Gives donations, takes t-shirt, wraps it in rubber bands.*
Elise: "Wow, for someone who doesn't support 'hippie activities', you're sure getting into this."
Me: *Grumble, grumble.*
Elise: "Okay, now you unwrap it and...there! What do you think, Andrew?"

Me: ".....It looks like a rainbow vomited."


Does anyone else's thumb go back when fully extended?
Seriously, I just noticed this, and it's bothering the hell out of me. I mean, that upper digits going back at like a 45-degree angle? I haven't really looked at anybody's thumb closely enough, so I'm asking all of you to give yourself a thumbs-up, with your thumb fully extended. Is it strait, or does it lean back? I guess what I'm asking I a freak (at least as far as thumbs go)?


This is what my room is supposed to look like:
This is what it currently looks like:

I'll probably say more about the (former) trappings later, but right now, all my posters and stuff are taken down. I've noticed that in the day and a half since, I have felt noticeably downtrodden. The room, it's just so big and...desolate. Amazing what posters can do (especially when you have lots of blank white walls).

Okay, that's enough for today. I gots myself a final tomorrow, and I'm doing a lot of reading for it, even though it'll probably take less time to complete than I took to write this entry.



Squall said...

My thumb goes back too, so I suppose if that's a unique trait, we're both thumb freaks. I remember having tan lines because of my watch... I stopped wearing it for a while, but it's back on now.

Christopher said...

Meh, my thumb does that too, but I guess if I can do it, it is an oddity of humanity.

Your room, it's so clean. I'm disappointed, I had more faith in you. I guess we all gotta clean our act some time, though.

-Comrade Chavez

Rinoa said...

My thumb doesn't do that, and I'm weirder than all of you...maybe i tie with Andrew-san...but still..Instead, i can wiggle my fingers and now one else ('side my mum) can do that, so nyah! I make them look like water...hehehe..okay, i'm done gloating now.