Tuesday, July 1, 2008

30-Minute Therapy

All related videos have been taken off of YouTube. All that's left are parodies.

Any attempts to find episodes is either prohibitively expensive or questionably legal.

It airs on TV, but only once a week (and, inconveniently, in the middle of the day).

Still, one way or another, I will watch my Bob Ross/Joy of Painting relaxation session!

...Even if I have to watch this one episode every time!

(Ed. Note: Here's a bonus clip, for the hell of it!)


Anonymous said...

that is such a great show, words can't really do it justice. Too bad it only comes on one day a week in the middle of the day up there, down here it's on on weekend mornings, mostly saturdays and sometimes sundays, at about 4 or 5.

Anonymous said...

Ah, good old Bob Ross, I didn't get to see his show much (though I was an avid PBS fan in my youth), but I remember his happy little trees and his art attacks.

He may be gone now, but he will always grace the pages of Wikipedia and the series of tubes tnat is the internet.

-Comrade Chavez