Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well, It Took 5 Months...

But it's finally over! I have an apartment! A nice one! And as of today, I can walk into it! It's all done.

(Yes, my roommates and I still have to get utilities set up.
Electricity, cable, internet, etc.
And I have to buy/borrow/steal furniture.
And move it all in.)

...But still! I've got the room! Drinks are on me!*

*No drinks will be provided.


Dave said...


Christopher said...

Congrats on living in an apartment now. I hope you still like your roomates by the end of the year. How much is rent?

-Comrade Chavez

Andrew Schnorr said...

I don't think there will be a problem with my roommates, since they're actually in another room, plus I've lived with one of them for a year already.

Rent is $2595/month. Expensive, but par for the course. Since I'm getting a room to myself, I'm paying around 4/10 of the rent ($1045) while the others are paying about 3/10 ($775). And utilities are being split evenly, so that should be another $50 or so per person.

Anonymous said...

So Did you move? Whats the address?

Andrew Schnorr said...

I haven't moved, and I cannot fully move until August 15th.

However, the place is mine right now because we couldn't just start in August. Housing (and especially good housing) is hard to come by, and gets snatched up quickly (we just *barely* beat some couple to getting this place).

Squall said...

congratulations on stea... snagging an apartment! May your feng shui be great.

Rinoa said...

Congratulations on the apartment! But..that poor couple...>_>

Mom said...

That is so cool. I'm glad it is a place you are happy with and not something you had to settle for. And personally, I am glad you got to it just in time. There are no accidents...remember.
I am excited for you. Very cool.
There is a great recliner being sold at Costco for just $269 in case you'll be needing to lounge. Anxious for a picture tour.
Love you