Sunday, October 28, 2007

Warning: Do Not Click on Links if You Are Squeamish About Drinks

**At the Golden Bear Cafe.**

"Ah, what's this? V8 Vegetable Juice? hmm...I haven't had this in years, and I remember I hated it. But I was much less tolerant of vegetables back then. Whatever, I'll give it a shot."

"...Mm, this actually isn't that bad. It's basically tomato juice, or cold tomato soup."

" says that it's three full serving of vegetables. Even though I'm pretty good about eating my vegetables, it probably couldn't hurt to boost up the level a bit."

"Whatever, I'll buy 5 for the next several days."

"Huh, they're over $2 a bottle. This might get a tad expensive."

**At home.**

"You know, I think I'll have a V8 with my dinner tonight, to up my vegetable level."

"Huh, I never noticed how much sodium this stuff has. 30% of my daily intake. Maybe this stuff really ain't that great. I suppose I'll just finish these 5 bottles and be done with it."

*(Tiny) Sip.*

"Ugh. Jeez, that tastes really bad. Like, really bad. Is this a bad batch? Or did I just have the taste of something else on my mouth? Should I take another sip and see how it goes?"


"...No, I think this may be a bad batch. I think I'll pour it out."

**Bathroom sink.**

"There we are, pouring out the drink, and...what was that thud?"




"Water! Water! Water, to wash the remnants from my mouth!"

"Listerine! Listerine, to burn the taste from my mouth!"

"Oh, God!"

"Oh, GOD!"

"Dear Lord!"

"Oh, sweet and merciful God!"

"Wha? What happened?"

**Back in my room.**

"Well, it looks like I'm not the only one..."

"Hmm...four more bottles left."


*Pours out all four bottles.*


Anonymous said...

Oh my god that's disgusting!!! I really really really like V8 too..kfjd;alksjdf lksdjflajsdfugh!!! I think i'll be stick to water for a very long long long time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you oughta sue them for a few things. Like gross negligence, mental trauma, etc. Only you, a published author before you turned 20, can bring the bright glaring light of the news media to bear upon the ungodly and slightly demonic souls of the makers of V8. Sue Sue Sue!

Anonymous said...

Rarely have I ever seen such a hideous thing. At first, I thought it was some sort of animal brain that had gotten into the mix. I am unequivocally disgusted; I always knew there was something sinister about V8.

Oh well, off to another meeting! G'day to you and your moldy companion!

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

that is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen! i never should have looked past the first picture.. big mistake... did you ever find out what it was?? do i even want to know?? yuck!