Friday, October 5, 2007

Mini-Blogs, Set Seven

If you want to see a HUGE announcement, scroll down!

To All People Who Say German is an Ugly Language

Having been an RA and good friend to a multitude of German (some of the nicest people you will ever meet), and being a quarter German myself, I must take offense to this unfair generalization.

(Aside: I have a new quote. Unfortunately, it only works as a response. Luckily, the comment you respond to comes up fairly often (at least, it does in Berkeley).
"You shouldn't generalize."
"Why not? Everyone's doing it."
-Andrew Schnorr)

In any event, I think that this misconception comes from the fact that the only German that people are accustomed to is the typical "Ach!" Hitler hate speech. Well, of course that's going to sound repulsive. However, when you get a normal Joe, er, Johannes talking, it sounds almost...comforting.


Recently on YouTube, Wizards of the Coast put up a "Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering" series. Thing is, though, they did it in a bunch of languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and (of course) German. They're all fairly interesting, if only to hear the random English words thrown in here and there.

So, here's my challenge to you. Turn off the lights, close the shades, and get comfortable. Then close your eyes and listen to this guy introduce some Magic cards and colors to you.

Now, wasn't that soothing? I bet you're dozing off. It's like he's reading a lullaby. Just get one one of those big body pillow, a cassette with this guy talking for a while, and you'll never suffer from insomnia again. Awww.....

Speaking of Germans...
This was aired on The Simpsons this past Sunday (September 30, 2007).


For those who are unaware, I thought of this idea! Like, two years ago! ME! It was my big plan to start a waffle house called Luftwaffle (singular), which eventually led to my desire to start a website called (to go along with the idea of nonsensical domain names). Seriously, I completely had this idea. Unfortunately, I have no physical proof of this. I have no notarized papers from the time explaining my idea, nor even a blog post about it. So, basically, the only proof I have is the memory of my friends and family (and they're all fading fast). And here I thought I was going to do something where people wouldn't say "Simpsons did it." Well, so much for that dream.

Old People + Technology = Awww

Since I've purchased my Nintendo stock, it's increased by 83%. The Big N is now the second largest company in Japan (trailing far behind Toyota, admittedly, but still, there's nothing wrong with second place in this kind of situation). This has been fueled by the successful sales of the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. The biggest reason behind this is because Nintendo has begun to find targets outside of its normal demographic. That is, it is targeting people who don't play video games normally. This includes groups such as women and the elderly.

So, what is it like when old people play video games? Watch and learn, my friends.

Personally, I'm rooting for the Sedgebrook Alley Cats.

Just for the Hell of It

20 Loby Points (this blog's official currency), to whoever can name the source of this song. 30 points if you figure it out within the first 5 seconds (and I do know what it's from, so don't try to fool me).

Finally, the HUUUUUUUGE Announcement!!!

Okay, so I've been meaning on keeping up with the times. This blog has gone well and beyond it's original intention (anyone even remember why it was started?), and I think I need to do something about its archaic hosting.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Blogger. It's a wonderful, easy service to use. But....I just don't like having that ".blogspot" on there. When it's there, it just takes away from my credibility. "Oh, why should we listen to this twerp?" they say, "He forces us to type in an extra nine characters into the URL bar."

Well, no more!

Thanks to Google's taking over everything, they now offer an easy way to purchase and use an external domain. So, I was able to (dun dun duuuun) purchase a new domain. is no more!


That's right! I'm now official! I even have an email address for it (

The most exciting part of this for you, though, is that you no longer have to worry about typing in the whole "blogspot" nonsense. So that's less work for you. It's streamlining your......


You already have the page bookmarked? And so you never need to type in the URL anyway? So the change does nothing for you?



Anonymous said...

I remember Luftwaffle. I think that germ of an idea was set in your brain after enjoying the "Waffle House" dining experiences in Orlando Fla many years ago. Remember the smoking waitress and ashtrays on the tables?

Anonymous said...

forgot to add....

Congrats on your move up in the blog world!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, love the Luftwaffle idea...I had a similar situation with Steven Colbert - he used my ulimtate expression of frustration in an episode recently - "sweet and sour Jesus."

Also, congrats with the URL change. Next thing we know, you're blog will be the next big thing in the blogosphere, and soon, Kos and Drudge will be at your door, begging for mercy!

-Comrade Chavez