Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bunnies and Sunshine!!! <3 <3 <3

I haven't posted a creepy-style photoshopped picture in a while, have I?

Not since October, to be specific.

Well, let's close that gap now!

Here's something I was working on just to test what little skill I have with ImageReady (the Photoshop sister program which makes animated GIFs). I videotaped myself a couple times, and there are different effects I wanna try, so there may be more comign up.

But for the moment, enjoy!

Add your own sound effects, if you don't mind.

If you'd like some thoroughly creepy music to accompany this image, TLD friend Christopher created this lovely piece.


Anonymous said...

I've got the perfect sound track for you, courtousy of Depeche Mode and my sound editing software. If you want, I will send it to you because it fits in perfectly.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

Looks like you doing an impression of mr. elliot, hung over, especially since you have his trademark "be seeing you" at the end...

Andrew Schnorr said...

Thanks, Chris! Hope you don't mind my putting the song up for all the world to hear.

Anonymous said...

No problem Andrew. Any time you need music to go with your pictures, let me know!

I guess I can't say I have no artistic talent. I have un poquito.

-Comrade Chavez