Thursday, January 31, 2008

Updates on Some Old Posts


Remember that awesome picture that I thought would be perfect for a back tattoo?

Well, I got it half right.Truthfully, it makes even less sense now as to what it is supposed to be.


Remember when I showed you my RA meeting notes that come out of nearly an hour of bickering?

Well, there was not much bickering during this last meeting, so my notes weren't as comprehensive, but there still were some parts slow enough to get my work done. Including some patented "Whimsical-Creep" style!NOTE: That little stick figure that says "me" - and appears to have some extra appendages - was not, in fact, drawn by me, but by someone else who refers to himself as "me"...and can't draw.


Remember how I wrote about that Finnish cello rock band, Apocalyptica, a while back?

Probably not, because none of you paid it any attention.

However! Here's a little game for 11 cookie points (and just like in Whose Line is it Anyway?, points mean absolutely nothing):

Can you name the song that is being covered here? My hints are as follows: 1. It is a fairly well known song by a fairly well-known band. That is to say, it's not obscure. 2. I've never had this song in any way, shape, or form on TLD before, so don't bother searching for any clues here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Points please. This is actually my mom's favorite song, I'll have to find it a give it to her.

As for your drawings, more and more, I am convinced you are crazy, but in the good, fun-loving way crazy. As for the "me" stick figure...Right...

-Comrade Chavez