Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Hairy Predicament (.....Sorry)

So, in the past couple days, I've been asked if I've died my hair. The following explanation has been cracking up my co-workers. Seriously, at least 3 of them laughed for more than 20 seconds (I counted). I think it's amusing, but not that funny. Anyway, I'll let you be the judge.

Anyone: "Andrew, have you died your hair?"

: 'Well kinda. You see, a while back I bought this new hair gel. It was called 'Lightning Gel' and I assumed that meant that quick-drying, because lightning's fast and it even had a picture of a lightning bolt and everything."

"However, about a week later I realized that something was wrong, and so I looked at the bottle again. I had apparently missed an apostrophe in the word. And so it wasn't 'Lightning Gel' but 'Lightn'ing Gel.'"

Them: *Cackle*

Me: -_-

So, yeah. Right now my hair is....well, it's been described as both "light auburn" to "practically redhead" (I think the auburn description is more apt).

Maybe, if I get some good pictures, I'll show you (maybe if you comment!).


Anonymous said...

I want to see this new hair shade of yours. *pokes with moose* show me?

Anonymous said...

Awhhhh....just like yoor mama

Anonymous said...

Yes, please inform me of your hair debacle! Maybe you can incorporate it into Elderly Apple some how.

-Comrade Chavez