Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bear-ly Making it Past the Bad Pun Brigade (...I'm Sorry)

Sometimes, it's just difficult to believe that things are real, when they most disturbingly are. I didn't believe Spanish for Everyone was real when I first saw it, but you can buy it at any online retailer. And I sure as Hell didn't believe this next clip was real. Seriously, I was expecting a SNL-style laugh track to come it at any time. But call the number, and sure enough, you can purchase it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the "Tiddy Bear."

I particularly like the little wave at the 0:30-left mark.

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Anonymous said...


Again, I present to you the wonders of capitalism. Wow, this is pretty bad Andrew. Here's a solution to the strapping crisis - either get an old car with loose seat belts or simply wear a jacket or something a bit modest.

I too, like the wave at 28 seconds, plus the "these will not last at this price" - I'm surprised they would sell at any price. But I guess Jean Jean-Baptiste Say wins again - demand can not exist without supply, and as such, there will be a demand for the tiddy bear because there is a supply of tiddy bears. Odd for an old Keynesian like me to quote Say.

Now, now, my mind could be in the gutter right now, but I find it so funny how "tiddy" sounds very much like 5th grader slang for a certain part of a woman's anatomy, and the commercials had several close-ups of this particular bit of anatomy. Coincidence? I think nay!

-Comrade Chavez