Monday, November 19, 2007

By the Way, Is She Supposed to Be Naked?

Here's a picture that's been making its rounds on the Intertubes lately. The idea of it is to find out whether you are a left-brained or right-brained individual. Now, look at the dancer, and see if she is spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.Now, according to some guy, if you see the dancer spin clockwise, you are primarily a right-brained individual. Conversely, if you see it spin counter-clockwise, you are a left-brained individual. What these titles mean are as follows:

-Uses Logic
-Facts Rule
-Words and Language
-Present and Past
-Math and Science
-Can Comprehend
-Order/Pattern Perception
-Knows Object Name
-Reality Based
-Forms Strategies

-Uses Feeling
-"Big Picture"-Oriented
-Imagination Rules
-Symbols and Images
-Present and Future
-Philosophy & Religion
-Can "Get It" (i.e. Meaning)
-Spatial Perception
-Knows Object Function
-Fantasy Based
-Presents Possibilities

Now, here's some interesting things I've noticed when I did this little test. They say that if you focus hard enough, you can make it change directions. I, for one, found this near-impossible.


I noticed that I would look at the picture, with no other distractions, and there would be what seemed to be a quick skip in animation, and all of a sudden, it would be going the other direction. Then, after a while longer, there would be another quick jump, and it be going in the original direction again. Truth be told, I found it very suspicious, and so I actually downloaded the GIF to make sure it wasn't just some scan that would flip occasionally. However, it was legit. So, the issue was not in the image, but rather, in my mind. What seemed to be weird was the fact that no matter what happened, it would always flip every so often. So, I decided to do a little experiment and test how much time passed betwixt directional flips. Here are my results (and trust me, it was a long 10 minutes):

Clockwise: 14 seconds
Counter-Clockwise: 68 seconds
Clockwise: 69 seconds
Counter-Clockwise: 73 seconds
Clockwise: 70 seconds
Counter-Clockwise: 67 seconds
Clockwise: 71 seconds
Counter-Clockwise: 71 seconds
Clockwise: 70 seconds
Counter-Clockwise: 69 seconds


While I know that I have properties (sometimes strong properties) of both brain sides, I wasn't expecting something like this. Apparently, my brain switches sides about every 70 seconds. That means that at any point, I will be a right-brained, emotionally-driven, fantasy-based individual, and 70 seconds later, I will be a left-brained, logic-driven, reality-based one.

...Is that normal?


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me. I would be looking at it and it would be going counter clockwise, then it would skip then be going the other direction. Tim was looking at it with me and we saw it going the opposite direction at once, then skip, the switch directions. trippy.

The mind is easily deceived.

Anonymous said...

i took a look at it. i don't think it works. i was able to change the direction at will. you gotta focus on her out stretch arms' hand when it passes the left side of the screen. after a few passes it'll seem to flip.

the idaho✯kid

and no she's not COMPLETELY naked. she's wearing something. cause something's holding her hair up. and that's counts. well... I think it counts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed it changed as well, though my experience was different. I would see it twirling clockwise, then it would skip, and for one second, appear to be going counter-clockwise.

I would show it to my friend to verify this, but, I'm afriad that he would be too distracted by trying to analyze her...assets.

And hairclip aside, she is naked...EWWW, Andrew, what sort of perv are you?

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

Whoops: looks like the better half of Eddie noticed the jump too. I guess even a comrade can make a mistake.

-Comrade Chavez

Andrew Schnorr said...

Huh, I swear, no matter how hard I try, I cannot make it change direction at will. I guess it just show how differently people's minds work.