Monday, January 22, 2007

It had to begin somewhere...

Welcome to the brand-new blog of the one and only Andrew Schnorr. With the useless opinions I always seem to have, it's a wonder I didn't start this thing earlier. Such a potent tool of both the prophet and the kook, the blog. Capable of so much discussion and dissent. But what about me? What will I be talking about in this thing?



My deepest, darkest feelings about how the world is a bitter mistress who seeks to play my heart like a solemn tambourine?

(The fact that I can be bitterly sarcastic, as in that last post?)

(The fact that I love parenthetical statements, like in that last post?)

(And that one?)

Well, as I'm sure many blogs have started out: I don't know yet. Not completely. But rest assured, everything written here will be tinted so as to see through my eyes (which probably means it'll have UV protection, as I almost always have sunglasses with me).

What's that, you ask? Why do I have such a creepy title? "The Lobotomist's Dream," you say, "...this guy must be crazy." Well, sir - or madam - truly your forgiveness I implore. But the fact is, I think I am. A little bit, at least. Of course, I think we are all a little crazy; most people simply don't care to admit to their insanity, however diminutive it may be. I, though, find the darker side of the psyche to be a hell of a toboggan ride.

Ah, I'm just joshing you. I'm perfectly sane, just a little quirky.

But enough about that! Once more, I welcome you to this blog, and the many adventures it's sure to have in the upcoming months. Until later...

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Unknown said...

now that i have a account. i don't know what to say. i want some grape drink...