Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Quick Note on That Balloon Thingy

Lifted from Elderly Apple:

Also, in case you don't look much to the right [ed. here it would be to the left], I've joined this game called Balloonacy, in which I lead a balloon (I call mine Carmine the Camel) across the Intertubes! Because I'm not from the UK, I can't win the prize (a trip to Ibiza, but I can at least keep some British bloke from getting it! So! Once the race starts, support me!

Though I don't know how it works. So dang!

And you should support Carmine the Camel! He lost his entire family in a freak accident while visiting the pin factory. Now he's a vagabond! Support him so that he can find a true home during his travels.

Anyway, maybe you just have to click something to support me. Whatever. The race should have started by now, so click there and see what you have to do! It should last a week or so. Let's keep those blimey blokes out of Ibiza!


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