Thursday, February 1, 2007

Today Was a Big First for Me...

Today was the first time in recent memory ever that I slept through my alarm. Oh, sure, there were those rare occasions where I'd be awoken by that high-pitched beeping (which has to be one of the most annoying sounds ever) only to persuade myself that the pillow trumps the book. But I always woke up, even for just a minute.

I was having a most interesting dream. While I may not have the most hallucinogenic dreams around, I do take pride in their vividness. In this one, I was with two witches. They seemed to be a quarter-cat, 3/4-human hybrid, as they had pointy ears, fur here and there, fierce cuspids, and walked around on their toes. Despite their feline aspects, they were quite attractive (read: hot!). I met them in a church during Mass (apparently, they were Catholic Cat Witches) and we decided to travel back in time to free their past selves from a Medieval prison tower. We did so, and quickly.

The rest of the dream mainly involved me trying to avoid my next-door neighbor in a variety of semi-humorous instances. But the end was a little peculiar. I ended up in a karaoke contest, and I ended up singing the Rammstein song Reise, Reise, which translates from German to "Arise, Arise." And then I immediately woke up. (Subliminal dream message? You decide!)

When I opened my eyes, I stretched my legs a little bit. "Wow, what a great sleep."


"Great sleep?"


"Oh, God!"

Waking up fully refreshed on a schoolday is a bad sign. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my alarm clock. The alarm was supposed to wake me at 10am. What time was it now?

"12:38?! Oh, God! Oh, GOD!"

I had an Computer Science Lab section that began at noon. Normally, I wouldn't be worried, since I'm about a week ahead of schedule in that class. however, there was an important assignment that I hadn't turned in that was due today. I could not afford to miss class.

I hurriedly dressed and put in my contact lenses. I then grabbed my backpack and power-walked off. My Lab was in Tolman Hall. There's essentially no building on campus further from Clark Kerr (check out this map. You see Tolman in the upper left. CKC? It's so far on the lower right it wouldn't even fit on the map). I was able to make it in about 20 minutes, which is pretty good time, if I say so myself. I still got there around 1:05pm. Luckily, the Lab is two hours long, so I didn't miss it. Sweaty and heavily breathing, I went up to my GSI.

"Hi...*pant pant*...Sorry I'm late."

Thankfully, it was not counted against me, and I remained a week ahead of schedule. But, wow, what a way to start the day!


Unknown said...

you're an odd bird you know that Andrew?

ASHLEY said...

I hate karaoke. More specifically, I hate the Norwegian exchange students living above me with a karaoke machine caught in a time warp.

Also, I had a dream about a witch once, ....I was thinking about writing the story out just now but then decided not to.