Monday, May 19, 2008

Continuing Progress on Elderly Apple Comic-Con Butttons

Okay, so I've been working with designs that I think would make good buttons. I tried out the schizo watch (due to his round nature, of course, and the fact that he was recommended by multiple people), but that, ironically enough, didn't work out the way I wanted. It was too round; there was not enough rood space for text.

Of what I've gone through, I've found four designs which I think work pretty well. While I don't know if they'll fly with the powers-that-be at Comic-Con, I am kind of guessing they will.

I was also considering, maybe, using two designs (to mix things up) and split my buttons up that way (a bit more expensive, but more variety). I'm not sure.

The only other decision I'd need to make would be between using a 1.5" button and a 2.25" button. Any thoughts there?

(Oh, we'll be working on business/postcards later. Now is the time for buttons!)


Anonymous said...

I think doing a couple different buttons would be the best, however it is more expensive and you may have people wanting one of each, which would cost you even more (unless you tell them bluntly "one per customer please").

You know the type of people who show up at these things - they want everything they can get - FOR FREE !!

Andrew Schnorr said...

Well, Anonymous (is that is your real name), I have a couple clarifying questions.

First, *which* couple do you think I should use?

Second, are you saying I should double my order, or split it? For example, if they're asking for 1000 pins, are you saying I should get 500 of one and 500 of another, or are you saying I should get 1000 of each, so that everyone can have two?

(Also, I wouldn't be there to tell them anything. This is just a freebie table, where a bunch of different freebies are just sitting around.)

Anonymous said...

My personal favorites are "Death taking a Bath" and "The Narcoleptic Calculator", although the hunchback cookie is cool too.

As for your supply issue, just remember what good ol' crazy Pat Buchannan would say - "Keep your powder dry." How this has any relevance, I'm not sure, but I'm sure it will apply...eventually.

-Comrade Chavez

Anonymous said...

Tough decision. I like all of your choices and think any of them would work. I agree that Death and Calculator are good choices based on the typical Comi-com (or commie-con) attendee's personality profile as defined as liking hooded, masked demon-like creatures, as well as the occasional computer and math geeks with pocket protectors and high powered graphing calcs and higher powered brains.

This is no reflection and does not relate to you in any manner of course and is a widely misrepresented profile only! :+)

Anonymous said...

I think 2.25 is best for size. I think multiple styles is good but I think they will for sure grab one of each. What kind of cost are we talking.